Angel Program

The Angel Program at TinySuperheroes is a heartfelt tribute to the remarkable children who have passed away. We understand that every family navigates grief in their own way, and we are here to offer support whenever you need it.

Capes & Angel Patches

If you have a child who has passed away, we would love to honor them and celebrate them on our Angel Squad. Tap the button below to let us know if you would like a Cape and/or Angel Patch in their honor.

Angel Form

Angel Community

You are not alone. We have a private Facebook Group for parents of Angels. Tap the button to join.

Angel Group

"It is with great sadness that I tell you our sweet Beckett Hope passed away on November 9th. We had her celebration service on November 15th, and of course, her cape was with her. Beckett loved completing her missions every month. Thank you so much for allowing us to be involved in this special group. Our Beckett Hope was truly a TinySuperhero."

-Amy B.

"My son Anthony passed away back on February 3rd. He had beaten cancer once, but it came back and with all his other underlying issues he could not beat it a second time. He passed away peacefully with his family surrounding him. His brother made a special design of Anthony on his swing wearing his cape. We had it put on his headstone as well."


"Sidekick Lily lost her TinySuperhero sister and is determined to keep doing the missions and earning patches in Super Keira's name. She got her own cape to keep the patches separate. This is such a wonderful thing for her to keep her sister close."


"Thank you to TinySuperheroes. I received JJ's cape and patches today! My son was born May 6, 2020 and passed away on October 2, 2020 with Mitochondria Disease. These last couple of months have been extremely hard and my hubby and I with our 3 daughters take it day by day. I know that we will see him in Heaven again. JJ will never be forgotten and will live in our hearts forever."


"I miss my baby girl and long to hold her so much. I received Brianna's superhero cape and waited for her birthday to share. I took it to the cemetery to show her. She will always be my biggest, bravest, strongest super hero I have ever known."


"Tonight Henry & I update Owen's cape & added patches to Henry's cape. After Super Owen passed, Henry decided he wanted to honor Owen by continuing to do TinySuperheroes monthly missions to earn patches."

-Cara P.