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Put your Missions on Autopilot

I was sitting by the pool with my good friend Ellen recently and we were talking about TinySuperheroes Missions.

As a free program, we’re always trying to figure out why it can be hard to engage families. In the past year, the participation for monthly Missions has gone down, but the feedback we receive from people who do participate remains consistently positive.

Ellen and I have a lot in common - primarily that we seemingly never have our sh*t together.

Ellen said something simple, but it was genius. She wants to participate in the Missions. Her amazing daughter, Super Maria would LOVE to participate in the Missions, but for whatever reason, it’s hard to accomplish.

She said something simple like, ‘If I could just pay and they’d show up in the mail, then Maria would be SO happy AND she’d ask me to do the Mission with her!”

It seemed too simple, but like Ellen, I usually don’t get around to actually doing the Mission with my kids…and I created the darn thing! It isn’t that Ellen doesn’t want to do the Mission with Maria. And it certainly isn’t that Maria doesn’t want to earn the Patch. But in the scattered confines of our brains, it loses priority.

So, we have a new option for people like Ellen and myself. 

The Mission Program remains free. You can participate in any Mission and during the month it is featured, it will be free for you to claim.

But, if that’s not working out for you - (first, know you aren’t alone) - we created our Mission Autopilot.  You can pay $7 each month, and we will just simply mail the Mission Kit to you! Then, your TinySuperhero can do the Mission whenever they want and you never have to feel guilty again!

You’ll never miss a Mission Patch & you’ll save yourself from having to pay $10 for the ones you’ve missed!

If this sounds good to you, you can sign up and cancel anytime!  If you sign up now, we'll ship your July Mission Kit first thing next week!

Check it out or Sign-Up here:


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