Super Adalyn

Super Adalyn

When Super Adalyn's Aunt Heidi nominated her to join our TinySuperheroes Squad, little did we know the incredible spark she would add to our community! At just three years old, Adalyn is facing a journey with Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma, a challenge that this cute 3 year old meets with strength like the hulk and a huge smile.

Every week brings a new challenge for Adalyn with her chemotherapy and scans, tough experiences for anyone, especially a young child. Despite this, Adalyn's strength is remarkable. She may have moments of fear and discomfort, but they don't last long. "While she moves on quickly, my mama heart will still sit there feeling broken. She'll say 'Mama, you're a silly goose'. Then we laugh and I think.....WOW a 3 year old is teaching me to keep pushing forward and appreciate each second you can control."

The scariest part for her parents was the uncertainty and suddenness of her diagnosis. But Adalyn, with her unwavering spirit, quickly turned their fear into a fierce determination. She has faced surgeries, including the removal of a tumor behind her eye and the insertion of a portacath, with a bravery that is beyond her years. Her simple joys, like waking up to her favorite Chick-fil-A lemonade post-surgery, are heartwarming to witness.

Adalyn's journey has touched not only her family but their entire community. People have rallied around her, drawn in by her contagious spirit and the love she radiates.

The anxiety that comes with each treatment is slowly diminishing as Adalyn becomes accustomed to the routine, showing us all her growing bravery. This journey, while challenging, is shaping a future where she can share her incredible story of perseverance.

Her twin brothers, Jax and B, have been by her side all the way, adapting to their new roles with maturity and love. They've become more self-reliant and caring, providing endless support and affection to their little sister.

Looking ahead, Adalyn is preparing for radiation treatment, a new phase in her treatment journey. But if there's one thing everyone is sure of, it's that she'll face this with the same courage and love she's shown so far.

We are all rooting for you, Super Adalyn. You light up our Squad!

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