Super Amir

Super Amir

Meet Super Amir, a brave young hero who faced a life-changing diagnosis with incredible strength. At just a few years old, Amir was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a rare form of eye cancer, after a routine eye exam. The very next day, his family embarked on a critical journey from St. John's, Newfoundland to Toronto's Sick Kids Hospital to meet with a specialized retinoblastoma team.

Amir's journey through diagnosis and treatment was swift but intense. Within days of arriving in Toronto, he underwent an MRI and, shortly thereafter, Amir had his right eye enucleated—removed, to prevent the spread of cancer. Remarkably, just two hours after surgery, Amir was up and playing, showing off his superpowers in a way that amazed everyone around him.

The initial uncertainty of Amir's condition was terrifying for his family. Not knowing whether the cancer had spread or what treatments would be necessary put immense stress on everyone. Despite these fears, Amir remained astonishingly brave and spirited throughout his medical procedures.

Amir's recovery from surgery was notably smooth. He experienced minimal pain and adjusted quickly to the loss of his eye, a testament to his resilience and the excellent care he received. His story gained attention both locally and online, touching hearts and inspiring others with his courage. 

This year Amir and his family traveled back to Toronto for the doctors to create a prosthetic eye mold, and now he has his new prosthetic eye!

Through it all, Amir has maintained his cheerful and loving nature. He faces life’s challenges with a smile and has shown an incredible ability to adapt to new circumstances. 

His sister Diona, eight years old, has also been an extraordinary support for Amir. Understanding the gravity of her brother's condition, she stayed strong, asking everyone from family to Santa to pray for Amir. Her maturity and compassion have been crucial during this difficult time.

Amir's story is not just about medical battles; it's about the power of a supportive family, the strength of our TinySuperheroes, and the communities that rally around them. 

We are all rooting for you, Super Amir, and we can't wait to see all the wonderful things you will achieve.

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