Update from Robyn

Update from Robyn

Hi Squad! Robyn here with some updates for you...

I started TinySuperheroes 11 years ago, and my heart for our community and this Mission is as full as ever. In order to ensure that TinySuperheroes stays in tact for the long haul, we have had to make some adjustments, and we strive to keep you updated.

We are passionate about our mission to change the way the world sees illness and disability. We are passionate about helping every child feel as extraordinary as we know they are. We are passionate about providing a safe place for parents with kids overcoming illness or disability to feel the belonging we all need. 

To accomplish these things, here are the changes we've made!


Update to Cape Program

In late February we shifted from our process of Cape Nominations & Cape Campaigns to a simpler Buy One, Give One model.  For every Cape purchased, we donate an additional Cape to a child overcoming illness or disability, facilitated through like-minded organizations. 

For several years now we have been fighting with the fact that the Cape Campaigns are no longer sustaining TinySuperheroes. This Buy One, Give One model creates a more solid foundation for TinySuperheroes to stand on and allows us to continue getting Capes to more kids who need them.


Updates to Birthday Program

We have experienced the same decline in participation for the Birthday Program, and the resources we put towards that program surpass what the campaigns create. To help us focus, we are ending the Birthday Program as it has been, effective today. Any birthday campaigns that are currently active will remain so through April 20th, but no new campaigns will be created. We want to help the families who were counting on this, so all of the Reward items from the Birthday Program will be available at a reasonable cost in the Shop!

Creating a Gift Registry on our site is a perfect way to encourage family members to gift these items to your TinySuperhero on their birthday or anytime! 


We know change is hard, and we understand if any of these changes spark feelings. Please feel free to reach out to us, and know that you are why we are here. Without a solid foundation and a sustainable model, TinySuperheroes wouldn't be able to keep going. We have been and are committed to doing everything we can to continue serving families like yours. I hope you know how much we mean that! ❤️

I appreciate you, more than I communicate and probably more than you know! It is a true honor to watch TinySuperheroes grow and evolve alongside you.



Robyn Rosenberger

Founder, CEO

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