Every child's journey at TinySuperheroes begins with a Cape. These special Capes bring Courage, Hope, and Strength to the kids and families that wear them, and unite our community as a Squad. Where others see differences, we see superpowers.

  • "Super Jax got his TinySuperheroes cape last week from TinySuperheroes, and I was finally able to get some pictures with it and his new member patch! I think it's safe to say he loves it, and we're excited to start on his tiny superhero journey!πŸ₯° We are so thankful to everyone who donated to help Jaxon get started on the journey with his super cape!"

  • "Super Bryson loves his pediatrician office, just as much as they love him. Some of the office staff even helped with his Cape Campaign. Super Bryson was able to get his cape plus 6 more for other kiddos! He loves going to see them. They all happily wear their TinySuperheroes bracelets... Super Bryson loves bringing the TinySuperheroes packets to give them to hand out to other kiddos." -Stephanie H.

  • "Today our Super Tarkenton turned 1! As some people can relate, we were told we were not bringing home our TinySuperhero a year ago. Well, here he is and doing better than the textbooks are saying. Granted some days haven't been easy, but we are beyond grateful. Our next goal is get our TinySuperhero a kidney transplant!! -Taylor C

  • "Thank you for our cape! Hadlee is now 6 months old. She is a true TinySuperhero! She had heart surgery at 4 months old, which is common for T21! We thank you for all you do for our community." -Tristen H

  • "We are SO PROUD of Langston for being inducted into the TinySuperheroes Squad. He was nominated by his teacher as an outstanding student. His diagnosis is Autism Spectrum Disorder, and he is cheerful and cooperative by nature, and his big bros and I love his affectionate hugs and positive energy. Here he is jumping on his trampoline with his beautiful new cape!" -Rachel

  • "I was so EXCITED to come across TinySuperheroes and surprise my son, daughter-in-law and grandson. We got a cape for my Granddaughter Ellie! This is such an AWESOMELY BEAUTIFUL program to be a part of! God BLESS those whose hearts are SO HUGE that started this!" -Tammy W

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Every child who is nominated for a Cape, receives one.

Nominate a Child
  • 1. Nominate a child who is overcoming illness or disability (or their Sidekick!) for their official Cape.

  • 2. Share your Cape Campaign with your community! Every $50 raised through your campaign sponsors a Cape for an Extraordinary child!

  • 3. Raise $50 to reach the sponsorhip goal and get your Cape personalized!

  • 4. After you reach your campaign goal (or after 1 week) you'll get a code to claim your Cape in our Shop!

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It's so much more than a Cape.

Cape Program FAQs

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