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Note to Grown-Ups

Please feel free to adapt ALL Missions in any way that will best serve your TinySuperhero! Grown-Ups are encouraged to help, and we LOVE when Sidekick Siblings particpate. (Yes, Sidekicks can earn patches and get their own official Cape too!)

Step 1: Get your own FREE personalized professional song through our partner, Songs of Love!

Songs may take 4-8 weeks. You can still dance and enjoy other songs while you wait for your own! Your song will automatically be uploaded to the shared playlist. (If you already have a song, skip this step!)

Get Free Personalized Song!

Step 2: Check out this Playlist on Spotify!

This playlist is filled with personalized songs for kids on our TinySuperheroes Squad!

Listen to Playlist!

Step 3: Listen and dance to the playlist!

Let your superpower of Creativity shine! Dance like nobody is watching! According to Healthline, "Music exerts a powerful influence on human beings. It can boost memory, build task endurance, lighten your mood, reduce anxiety and depression, stave off fatigue, and improve your response to pain." You can still dance to any song while you wait for your personalized song.

Step 4: Take & Post a video of you completing the mission!

Don't forget to wear your cape! Make sure to tag us @TinySuperheroes and #CreativityMission. Our private Facebook group is a great place to post. Tap the link below!

Post in the Official TinySuperheroes Support Group

Step 5: Report to HQ!

Submit Completed Mission!

Creativity Mission Kit!

Note: This Mission Kit was free for the month of December 2022. It is now available in our Shop! Check out our current Mission to earn a free Mission Kit!

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