What Squad Members’ Parents Are Saying…

“Ready to take on genetics! Another huge thanks to TinySuperheroes for his cape. This is our first appointment since we got it and he’s a different boy. He flew all the way into the office and hasn’t cried once!”

– Torre Skornia

“I need to tell you how powerful these capes are. This is my first child, and my first surgery of any kind (he’s having brain surgery) and I have to tell you that as small as it may seem to some people, having a cape for him means the world to my husband and me.”

-Laura Barron

Thank you for everything. Your company is amazing. The smile it put on Cooper’s face was priceless and then to have Oliver receive one as well (as he is usually overlooked since we have the other two with rare diseases). He was so excited.”

-Mandi Holliday

She sure loves her cape to this day! It is proudly displayed in her room when she is not wearing it! Still so many ups and downs for her, but she often remarks, when she sees her cape, ‘There are lots of kids with lots of hard times. It’s cool we can all be together with our capes!”‘Tiny Superheroes is so amazing!!!!!!”

-Anna Barber

You have given my TinySuperhero so much confidence! He can’t wait to wear his cape to the hospital for his next therapy session! His little brother is ecstatic to have his own cape too! Thank you for putting a huge smile on my boys’ faces!!!”

-Shira Raymond

Her cape was a HUGE hit!! Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication- it literally made her day, brought a smile to her face, and encouraged her to come out of her room! A trifecta of perfection.”

– Alyssa Powers