Empowering Extraordinary Kids as they Overcome Illness or Disability

a cape to give hope courage strength

A cape for a child with disabilities.

A cape for a child overcoming illness.

A cape to build awareness.

A cape, because capes are cool!

TinySuperheroes is a superhero cape company with a BIG mission to empower Extraordinary kids as they overcome illness or disability!

Donate a cape to a child on our waiting list.

Sponsor a Mission for a TinySuperhero!

Making a difference

With the help of supporters all over the world, we have sent over 10,000 capes to Extraordinary kids who are overcoming illness or disability!  But we’re just getting started! We want to empower kids with ALL abilities to embrace differences as the super powers that make us Extraordinary. Learn More

Give Hope. Give Courage. Give Strength.

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A Cape & A Smile

This wonderful cape means so much. It means that my son is a true hero. My hero. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him as happy as he was the day he received and opened his cape.

Ceci S.

You have no idea how incredibly special this is for my kids. This is something we will treasure and remember forever. My kids are definitely my superheroes, and now they have the capes to prove it.

Nicole C

We take Anna’s cape with us to every appointment, hospital stay, visit, etc. She was soooooooo excited that it was purple…She wore it for 3 days straight!

Alyssa Y

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