Some see differences.
We see superpowers.

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Our Mission

Raising a child with a diagnosis can be isolating, but no one should face this journey alone. TinySuperheroes supports families navigating illness, disability, and other challenges. We empower extraordinary kids to discover their inner superheroes and provide a nurturing online community for their parents and caregivers. Whether you are on this journey, know someone who is, or just want to support, join us in our mission to reveal the superpower in every difference.

Your child is a superhero, make sure they feel like one!

 Give your children the gift of joining the TinySuperheroes Squad with their very own Cape! It's not just a Cape; it's an invitation to be part of an extraordinary community of kids and families changing the way the world views illness and disability!

TinySuperheroes Cape


Cape Sizing

Newborn Cape: length = 11.5”

Small Cape: length = 17” (ages 0-2)

Medium Cape = 21” (ages 3-5)

Large Cape: length = 26” (ages 6+)


Specialty Patches

Customize your cape with our unique Patches! Each Patch is designed to celebrate the individuality of every child and capture their journey in a way that’s understandable and empowering. From diagnosis-specific designs to uplifting missions and family themes, our patches add a personalized touch to any cape. Easy to apply and durable, these patches make each cape as unique as the child wearing it, building a story they can be proud of with every new addition.

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Give a Cape

If you’re eager to support TinySuperheroes but don’t have a specific child in mind, consider our Give a Cape option. By sponsoring a cape, you provide the funds needed, and we take care of finding a deserving child through our partner organizations that support children facing illnesses and disabilities. This ensures that these extraordinary kids can celebrate their inner superhero at no cost to their families. Join us in making a difference!

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