TinySuperheroes Empowers.

TinySuperheroes Inspires.

TinySuperheroes Encourages.

TinySuperheroes Unites.

TinySuperheroes has a BIG mission to empower Extraordinary kids as they overcome illness or disability!
“Liam takes on a bit more of an “independent” attitude when he’s around other kids that have similar abilities to him.  It’s at those moments when it hits home that my baby is growing up and he’s going to continue to grow and be able to make it on his own.  He’s going to grow up to make his own friends, take care of himself, and succeed beyond any of our expectations.  That’s what being at the game with TinySuperheroes Tuesday night was for us.
Fast forward to Wednesday afternoon and it’s time for the bi-annual kidney ultrasound and brain CT Scan for Liam.  All three of the kids wanted to bring their capes to the hospital.  As designed, your capes made a somewhat scary place, a lot less scary.  It boosted the confidence and courage the kids already had inside them and allowed them to enjoy the occasion of spending time together.”  
-Rob Niemira
Give Hope. Give Courage. Give Strength.

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