Empowering extraordinary kids as they overcome illness or disability.

  • "We gave Super Nolan a very special gift - a cape from TinySuperheroes! We picked out all his specialty patches to represent things about him or challenges he’s faced in life so far. We can’t wait to add more patches, there are so many amazing ones to choose from or earn from their monthly missions!"

  • "Clayton received his TinySuperheroes Cape on Sunday! He had a rather rough day so receiving his smile when we put his cape on is so priceless!!" -Karen

  • "Done and done. 'I'm outta here Mom!' Leaving the hospital like a rockstar in his @tinysuperheroes cape!" -Super John Paul (Mom, Heather Humbolt)

  • “Thank you for accepting me and my superhero, Alexis!! She is excited to get her cape and has already done her first mission!! We are very excited to be involved in this amazing group!!!” -Jacque N

  • "Can’t go to a procedure without our Super Wellston's Cape! ❤️ These TinySuperheroes just amaze me after all the things they go through. What blessed parents are we! I told Wellston that he is now officially a TinySuperhero, and now we are officially equipped to save the lives of others with his syndrome that is 1 in a million!" -Molly V

  • "Some superheroes are tiny, but still so amazingly strong, courageous, and resilient! Super Xavier is sporting his cape & patches from TinySuperheroes to mark the end of this part in his journey!" -Amy N

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  • "This community has helped over 150,000 children so far and has become a resource for parents to support each other."

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  • ABC News

    "These capes are more than fabric. A cape is a visible sign of strength that everyone can recognize. It lets kids and their family know how extraordinary they really are. Almost every kid who puts the cape on sticks their arms out and starts running!"

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  • "Every viral video like Freya’s helps combat isolation and promote positivity in the online community of children that are facing unique challenges. Everyone has a story that is so worth hearing.”

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  • "It may look like the work of needle and thread, but these capes are made with kindness and compassion."

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  • "He loves his cape. In that moment, nothing else matters. He's not thinking of doctors visits or surgeries or needles-he's just being a Superhero."

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  • "Robyn Rosenberger...heard about Michael's need for a kidney...Today [he] has [one] because a stranger cared."

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  • "While the colorful capes give struggling kids a reason to smile, they also...let the world learn about a whole army of resilient and inspiring fighters."

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  • "Our lives are full - full of fabric, of typing, of story-reading, and full of so much love."

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  • "It is innately built into them that capes can make you fly, which is symbolic of doing things we would only dream of."

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  • "The capes became a symbol of empowerment, strength, and hope."

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