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Super Ru

Meet Super Ru, a young boy who has defied the odds and shown remarkable courage in the face of adversity. His journey began in December 2021 when he was diagnosed with liver failure at just three years old. Bright yellow eyes after Christmas alerted his family to something being wrong, and it took 20 days in the hospital to diagnose him with hepatitis.

Over the following months, Ru faced numerous medical challenges. His blood count became abnormal, and by September 2022, he was diagnosed with aplastic anemia, which meant his body could no longer produce blood on its own. He needed regular blood transfusions to survive.

Throughout it all, Super Ru's spirit remained unbroken. Despite the pain and fear, he always found a reason to smile. His ability to remain positive in the midst of such difficulty inspired those around him. Even during the scariest moments, like when his dressings had to be changed or removed, he fought with everything he had, his anxiety overwhelming him. His bravery and resilience touched the hearts of all who witnessed his struggles.

Super Ru endured multiple surgeries, including liver biopsy, bone marrow biopsy, picc line surgery, port surgery, and hickman line surgery. Each procedure brought its own challenges, including the hunger he felt while waiting for surgery, unable to eat until it was over. Despite the hardships, Super Ru faced each surgery with remarkable strength, his young mind trying to comprehend the steps involved.

As his journey continued, Super Ru's appearance changed. He had to use an NG tube for feeding, and chemotherapy left him bald. People would sometimes look at him with pity, but Super Ru saw their stares differently. He believed they were simply admiring his cuteness. He had always been showered with compliments about his looks, and he never let his changed appearance make him feel bad.

One of the biggest challenges Super Ru faced was going to doctor's appointments. The anxiety would hit him when he arrived at the hospital. However, as time went on, he became more comfortable, knowing that he wouldn't have to endure painful procedures like before. The relief brought him a newfound sense of ease.

Super Ru has an older brother, Bubba, who is six years older than him. Bubba has had a difficult time watching his baby brother go through so much pain and suffering. It breaks his heart to see Super Ru in distress, but he does his best to support him, even though it's hard to hide his own emotions.

Despite everything, Super Ru finds joy in the simple things. He loves McDonald's and Casey's pizza, and his favorite characters are Pikachu and Spider-Man. He enjoys Mexican music, dancing, and watching Pokémon and family anime movies. Playing Roblox on his iPad brings him happiness, especially when he plays with his dad and big brother.

Super Ru is not only a brave and resilient child but also the sweetest and kindest person you'll meet. His strength and unwavering happiness in the face of adversity make you wonder why it had to happen to him. He embraces life fully and loves his family deeply.

Super Ru's incredible journey serves as a reminder that even the youngest among us can demonstrate extraordinary courage. He has faced unimaginable challenges with grace and determination, refusing to let them define him. Super Ru's story inspires us all to find strength within ourselves and cherish the joy that can be found in even the most challenging circumstances.

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