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It’s our sincere hope that the information on the rest of our site provides all the answers you need. But in case it doesn’t, here’s a list of answers to the questions we get most often. 
Questions About TinySuperheroes
What is TinySuperheroes?
TinySuperheroes is a mission-driven company committed to helping Extraordinary kids feel strong, able, and proud. It starts with a Cape, but the journey lasts a lifetime. With every new Super, Sidekick, and Ambassador who joins the tens of thousands in our Squad, we’re helping the world see that kids facing unique challenges are the strongest and most courageous among us—in fact, they’re superheroes.
Is TinySuperheroes a non-profit?
TinySuperheroes is a for-profit social enterprise, which means we operate differently than your standard for-profit company. We don’t prioritize profit margins above everything else, and rather than using profits to pay shareholders, we reinvest them to help fulfill our social mission. Therefore, having reliable revenue is essential to our existence. Fulfilling our social ambitions through our day-to-day business operations, however, is our primary focus. Basically, our ability to generate revenue is just a means to achieving our positive social ends. The more revenue we’re able to generate, the larger the impact we’ll have on the world.  Here’s the breakdown: A TinySuperhero is nominated for a Cape. Then, we provide a Cape Campaign page and a personalized crowd-funding tool—all you have to do is share it. $50 funds your own Cape, and any additional money raised helps us deliver Capes to other TinySuperheroes on the waitlist. This ensures every child nominated receives a Cape, no matter what. As of right now, about 30% of our Campaigns raise funds, and it’s enough to support 100% of the Squad! 
Is TinySuperheroes just a Cape?
TinySuperheroes is SO much more than a Cape. The Cape is just the beginning of the journey. We also have the Mission Program, Birthday Program, Ambassador Program, and an Angel Program. 
Questions about Order Status
Where is my order?
Our small team works day and night to ensure our Squad receives their orders in a timely manner. It may take up to five business days to fulfill product orders. If after five business days you still have not received shipping confirmation, please reach out to us at so we can confirm your order status. USPS' standard shipping policy is 4-10 business days for domestic deliveries, and 7-21 business days for international deliveries.
Questions About Our Capes
Who can receive a Cape?
All Extraordinary kids are eligible for a nomination. The Squad welcomes kids of all ages, is diagnosis-agnostic, and celebrates the diversity of its members. This includes siblings and other close supporters, who we call Sidekicks. You can nominate them at
How much is a Cape?
It’s free to nominate a child for a Cape. Once you’ve launched your Cape Campaign and met the $50 benchmark, your Super will receive a Cape. If the Campaign doesn’t reach $50, don’t worry! Your Super will be added to the waitlist, or you can purchase a Cape directly from our shop here:
What are the dimensions of the Cape?
Newborn Cape = 11.5 inches in lengthSmall Cape = 17 inches in lengthMedium Cape = 21 inches in lengthLarge Cape = 26 inches in length
Can I get my Cape personalized with my Super’s initial?
When your Cape Campaign reaches $150, we personalize your Cape with one initial as a thank you for helping two other TinySuperheroes on the waitlist receive their Capes. We also sell personalized Capes in our gift shop! If you would prefer to purchase your Cape instead of hosting a Cape Campaign, use this link: 
Questions About Cape Campaigns
What is a Cape Campaign, and why do you ask us to share it?
When a child is nominated, we create their Cape Campaign, which is a personalized crowd-funding tool. TinySuperheroes is based on a pay-it-forward model—raising $50 funds your own Cape, and any additional money raised helps provide Capes to kids on the waitlist. There is absolutely no obligation to fund, but through the generosity of others, we’re able to provide Capes to every Extraordinary child.
What happens if I don’t reach the $50 goal?
Every single child nominated will get a Cape, no matter what! If you don’t reach this goal, you will be put on our waitlist, which means you’ll have to wait a little bit longer to receive your Cape. Our biggest ask is that you share our message. We are incredibly grateful whether you raise $10, $500, or just share it to your Facebook page. Everyone experiences different financial circumstances, and we totally understand that. We’re here to change the way the world sees disability and illness, and doing whatever you can to help make that happen means the world to us.
Our Cape was sponsored, how do we claim our Cape?
First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! We’re sorry for any confusion regarding next steps. Start by checking your email—you should have received a claim code, which you’ll need to complete the process: 
  1. If you reached the $150 personalization goal, you will receive an email with your claim code. Once you receive it, go to the Personalized Cape product page in our Shop, select your cape size, color, child’s name, and initial! Tape the “Make a Selection” button and proceed to checkout where you can enter your claim code in the discount code box. Then proceed to checkout. You did it!!!
  2. If you reached the $50 sponsorship goal, you will receive an email with your claim code. Once you receive it, go to the Cape product page in our Shop, select your cape size, color, child’s name, and initial! Tape the “Make a Selection” button and proceed to checkout where you can enter your claim code in the discount code box. Then proceed to checkout. You did it!!!
If you have issues receiving your claim code or claiming your code(s) for your Super's or Sidekick’s Cape, please contact us at
How long will it take to receive my Cape?
If your Cape is funded and you submitted your claim code, it usually takes about two weeks for domestic orders. International shipments take longer, and shipping charges may apply. If you are on the waitlist, shipping time will vary by how quickly we can find a sponsor. Sometimes this can take a couple months, but we’re actively working on streamlining this process, and thank you for your patience! With over 100 new TinySuperheroes joining our Squad everyday, we’re working diligently to provide Capes as quickly as we can.  If you reach the $150 personalization goal for your Cape Campaign, you will receive your claim code to redeem your Cape in our shop right away. These Capes ship fast, although international shipment delays still apply, as do shipping fees. If you reach the $50 goal, you can choose to claim your Cape immediately, or wait until you’ve reached the personalization goal. If your campaign does not reach the $50, don’t worry! We will send you a claim code to redeem your Cape about two weeks after your nomination.
Can Sidekick siblings get a Cape?
Yes! You can nominate a Sidekick here:  We will build a Cape Campaign for your Sidekick—all we ask is that you share it!
Can the extra money I raise through my Cape Campaign go toward purchasing Patches or Gear?
We love this question, because it means that you’re invested in TinySuperheroes and find value in our Mission Program. Unfortunately, the short answer to this is “No.” TinySuperheroes functions on a pay-it-forward model. When you nominate a TinySuperhero for a Cape, we create a Cape Campaign and give you a personalized crowd-funding tool. Raising $50 funds your Super’s own Cape, and any money raised over that helps other children on the waitlist receive Capes. Every child nominated gets a Cape, no matter what. As of right now, about 30% of people will raise funds, but they raise enough to support 100% of the Squad! 

We do, however, offer a new FREE Patch every month for all our TinySuperheroes (international shipping charges may apply). This Patch is based on a different superpower and activity that we all work on as a Squad each month. You can learn more about that here: 
Questions About Sponsorship
What if I want to sponsor a child, but I don’t want to actually receive a Cape?
Thank you! We’re so grateful that you want to help empower these Extraordinary TinySuperheroes. Instead of purchasing a Cape, you can sponsor a Cape for a child on our waitlist here: If you are a business or organization and you’re interested in corporate sponsorship opportunities, email us at
Where does the money go?
When you sponsor a Cape, not only does this help cover the costs to send an official Cape to the TinySuperhero, but this initial sponsorship also helps us cover a lifetime’s worth of the Mission Program. This also includes the Angel Squad—we support our TinySuperheroes even after they gain their wings.  
Questions About the Birthday Program 
What am I signing up for?
Once you sign up, we create a special Birthday Campaign for your TinySuperhero! There are two goals: If your campaign reaches $10, your TinySuperhero will receive their 2021 Birthday Patch. If it reaches $50, we'll send them an exclusive Birthday Backpack! Every $10 raised through your Birthday Campaign funds a Monthly Mission for a child through our Mission Program. 
Who can participate?
Anyone can participate—TinySuperheroes, Sidekicks, and even grown-ups!
Why does it matter?
The Birthday Program is our primary source of funding for our Mission Program. Each month, thousands of families participate in our Monthly Missions to unlock a superpower and earn a Patch for their Cape. This program is free for all families. 90% of families who participate in the Missions Program have seen an increase in their child's confidence, and 95% say it creates a unique bonding experience with their child. By sharing your own Birthday Campaign, you make it possible for us to keep the Mission Program free for all families.


Questions About Mission Program
Who can participate in the Mission Program? 

All kids are welcome to participate! If there are 3 kids in your family, all 3 can earn a Patch. You just need to complete a submission for each participant individually to ensure they receive their Patch. No Cape is needed to participate in the program, but if your child has not been nominated for their official Cape, you can do so here: TinySuperheroes can participate from anywhere in the world!

Can siblings participate?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Does my child need to be able to read or write? 

Nope! While some Missions may have a component that requires reading or writing, our Missions are for everyone on our Squad. Sometimes their sidekicks or grown-ups might need to help, but that’s what being part of a Squad is all about—using our strengths to help one another!

Do we have to have a Cape in order to participate? 

No Cape required! TinySuperheroes is a Squad for kids of all abilities. If you would like to get a Cape for your Super, you can nominate them at can purchase a Cape for any child here.

When are Missions due? 

Each month’s Mission will launch on the first Monday of the month, and the Mission is due by the last day of the month. For example: in 2021, January’s Mission was released on Monday, January 4th, and was due on Sunday, January 31st. Missions must be submitted by the deadline in order to receive the free Patch. Being strict about deadlines ensures we keep up with new Missions each month. 

How much does it cost? 

It’s free! Seriously. It’s free to participate. We want every single TinySuperhero to have the opportunity to complete Missions, earn Patches for their Capes, and unlock their superpowers! In order to successfully run our Mission Program, we offer fun opportunities for you to help, specifically around your birthday! Visit our Birthday Program page to see how you can help. Please note that international shipping charges may apply when we send your free Mission Patches.

Do we have to submit a photo with our Mission? 

No! We love seeing photos of your TinySuperheroes, especially while they are completing their Missions. But we totally respect that some people don’t want to share photos, so it’s definitely not a requirement. When you submit your completed Mission, you will have the option to submit with or without a photo!