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Participate in free monthly Missions to earn patches for your cape!

October Mission has arrived!

Virtually Trick-Or-Treat with your TSH Squad!

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How the Patches Program Works

We will release a new Mission on the first Monday of every month! Follow these 4 simple steps below to complete each Mission and earn a new patch for your cape!

  • 1. Unlock Mission

    On the first Monday of each month, a new Mission will be available to unlock at TinySuperheroes.com/Patches. On this page tap the red “Unlock Mission” button, then enter your email address to participate!

  • 2. Power Up

    When you unlock your Secret Mission, you will receive an email to guide you on your Mission! “Power Up” simply means to do your Mission! Be as simple or creative as you’d like to complete your Mission! 

  • 3. Report to HQ

    When your Mission is complete, you need to report back to HQ!  (HQ is what we call our Headquarters!) From your Mission page, click the “Report to HQ” button to submit your completed Mission and provide a description or photo! Missions are due on the last day of each month. You will submit one Mission for each child you have participating. If you have 3 kids that complete the Mission, you will submit the form 3 times to ensure everyone gets their Patch!

  • 4. Mission Complete

    Your Mission is complete!  We will ship your patch to wear proudly on your cape!  (The patches can be ironed on by a grown-up, no sewing skills necessary!)  

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