Super Alina

Super Alina

Super Alina's story begins with a family's courage to face a daunting challenge. After losing their first child, Allison, to Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) in 2020, Alina's parents were faced with the same diagnosis for Alina shortly after her birth in December 2022. They had braced themselves for this possibility and were prepared to fight for Alina's health.

Alina's early days were marked by proactive decisions and unwavering parental support. Genetic testing confirmed HLH, and the necessary steps for a bone marrow transplant were quickly initiated. This early intervention was crucial in Alina's ongoing battle against HLH.

Amid the medical challenges, Alina's every milestone is celebrated with great joy. Each smile, giggle, and playful moment stands as a heartening reminder of her resilience. These everyday joys bring comfort and remind her family of the preciousness of each day.

The journey hasn’t been easy. The bone marrow transplant was a significant ordeal, with each step closely monitored to ensure Alina's safety and recovery. The process was physically demanding, testing the limits of her young body and bringing moments of worry and concern.

Despite the hurdles, Alina’s progress is remarkable. Her post-treatment development is a story of small victories that add up, painting a picture of a brave little girl who embraces life with enthusiasm. Her fighting spirit is evident in how she interacts with her caregivers, winning hearts with her cheerful disposition.

The journey ahead includes ongoing medical care, but Alina’s family is hopeful, drawing strength from each other and the support around them.

Remembering Allison, Alina's older sister and a fellow TinySuperhero, adds a layer of meaning to Alina's journey. While Allison soars above with the Angel Squad, there's no doubt Super Alina has one extraordinary guardian angel on her side.

Super Alina, your courage touches us all. We stand with you in your journey.

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