Super River

Super River

At just six months old, when many babies are starting to explore the world around them with ease, Super River and his family embarked on a journey via the far less traveled path.  After noticing River wasn't meeting his milestones, his family sought the expertise of a neurologist. This led to an MRI, revealing a diagnosis of Spastic diplegic Cerebral Palsy with Over-riding right hemiplegia, rooted in a premature birth. River's battle had a name, and with it, a path forward.

River is now 3 years old and his spirit remains undaunted. Despite the hurdles of therapies, hospital stays, and surgeries—including two on his toes and Botox injections to manage muscle tightness—River approaches every challenge with determination. His ability to smile and declare himself “brave and strong” in the face of fear made him a true superhero in the eyes of all who know him, well before making it official with his Cape!

However, River's journey has been filled with moments that have tested his family's strength. An emergency C-section, a NICU stay, and the uncertainty of his early days marked a period of intense worry. Yet, the ongoing challenges of navigating a world not fully prepared for children like River present an equally daunting reality.

River’s days are filled with joy and discovery, from mastering new milestones to lighting up the playground with his presence. Despite the physical challenges, his resilience shines, particularly in his innovative approach to overcoming right-hand mobility issues by personifying his hands as "Pinky" and "George."

The world, with its curiosities and occasional unkindness, can be a tough place for a child with visible differences. Yet, River's experiences have been a mix of warmth from those who treat him with the kindness he deserves and the harsher reality of ignorance. His journey reminds us of the importance of teaching compassion and understanding from an early age, which is one of many reasons we are so lucky to have him on our Squad, helping our Mission to change the way the world sees disability.

River shines not only through his perseverance but also through his incredible kindness and joy. His unexpected acts of kindness and true expressions of love show us a way to turn challenges into moments that light up the world around us.

Looking forward, River's path is one of hope and continuous growth. With therapies to enhance his mobility and the potential for greater independence with a power wheelchair, his family dreams of the day he'll walk unaided. But more importantly, they dream of a world ready to embrace him, just as he is—full of love, bravery, and an unmatched zest for life.

Super River, your journey is showing the world the incredible power of love, resilience, and the magic of embracing every moment with a smile. Here's to the many more steps you'll take, the hearts you'll inspire, and the barriers you'll break.

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