TinyLetter: Bottle-Worthy Moments

TinyLetter: Bottle-Worthy Moments

Have you ever had a moment that you wanted to capture in a jar? Like, maybe if you could just somehow shove that moment into a bottle, you could access that feeling again any time you needed it? 

I had one of these moments on our boys’ first day of school this year. 

This is the first (and last) year that all three of our boys are attending the same school. It’s a logistical dream. I’ve been looking forward to it and prepping myself to really embrace it. 

We live pretty close to their school. Close enough to not have bus service but a bit too far to send them on their own. This year, one of neighbors took the initiative to reach out to the nearby families so that everyone could walk to school together. It’s a brilliant idea. Not sure why we hadn’t thought of this in years past…

Anyways, I knew that walking with our boys to school would be a positive experience, but I didn’t know it would be extraordinary.

So, on the first day of school, a dozen or so kids and parents came out of their houses at 8:15 to walk towards and into their next chapter. 

There was a lot of anxiety and excitement in the air when I managed to capture this photo. We have lived in our neighborhood for 5+ years. While we have enjoyed getting to know our neighbors, prior to that morning, I probably wouldn’t have called them my ‘community’.

But, in that moment, it was crystal clear, and my heart was exploding with gratitude. I wanted to bottle it up, so I would never forget this gift we’ve been given. 

For years we have lived next to these people. Our kids have played, we have chatted, but never had I taken the time to see how special it was.  

Well, I finally saw it, and it makes me wonder how many other ordinary moments or things pass by me without me even noticing. 

I’ve been cherishing our walks to school just like I treasure this photo. I have grown to really know and love these neighbors. Today, I would definitely call them my community, and I’m so grateful. They have been there all along - I just needed to slow down to notice.

If you’re brand new to the TinySuperheroes Community or have been around for years, I encourage to take a moment, slow down, and come see the beautiful community that has formed. Maybe it’s exactly what you’ve been needing and if not, at least you’ll know it’s here when you do! You can join us at facebook.com/groups/tinysuperheroes.

As you walk through the ordinary moments of your day, be encouraged to keep your heart open! And it never hurts to carry along a little bottle in your pocket…just in case.

With much love,


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