TinyLetter:  Little Eyes are Watching

TinyLetter: Little Eyes are Watching

A few nights ago, during our pre-bedtime chaos, I began drawing a picture in my Gratitude Journal for this month’s TinySuperheroes Mission. We had just gotten home from Rory’s soccer game, which inspired my drawing and entry - I am grateful for the relationships we have formed through our kids’ soccer teams.

Without any prompting from me, Sheldon grabbed his (empty) Gratitude Journal and started drawing, too. I didn’t think much of it until he asked if I would draw a soccer cleat in his like I did on mine. That’s what caught my attention - he was copying my drawing!

There are plenty of habits in my life that would be best not repeated by my kids. We will all be in a constant state of learning, refining, and growing, but there are also plenty of things that we do without thinking that is worth repeating!

Whether we like it or not, our kids are watching us. Sheldon saw me practicing gratitude, and therefore he began practicing gratitude, too! It’s actually that simple.

The scope of this goes beyond practicing gratitude, but it is worth noting that practicing gratitude has a profound, measurable impact on our health and happiness. Studies consistently show that just 5 minutes of gratitude journaling a day increases long-term happiness by 10%!

Seeing in real time how Sheldon was observing my behavior motivates me to practice gratitude in front of my kids more. Just imagine the impact if a habit like gratitude was instilled at age 5 instead of age 37!

Whether it is a Gratitude Journal entry, a prayer before a meal, or a breath before walking out the door, the little things eyes around you are watching the little things you do every day.

This month’s Gratitude Mission is a very easy entryway into a new practice like this. If you haven’t, follow the link and print out the template! With grace and focus on progress over perfection, I hope your family will be blessed by the practice.

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