Why we added a shipping cost to Mission Kits...

Why we added a shipping cost to Mission Kits...

We're about 3 months shy of TinySuperheroes 10 year anniversary...how is that even possible!?

My mission for TinySuperheroes hasn't changed since the very first cape I sent on January 15, 2013. However, my heart has grown exponentially through the process.

I believe that the TinySuperheroes on our Squad deserve to be told - until they actually believe it - that they are extraordinary. They ARE extraordinary. We hope that through Capes, Community, Missions, & Patches that the kids we are privileged to connect with, feel that.

We've done the best we can every day of this journey to make decisions with our community first in mind. We have also learned (sometimes the hard way) that it is important to build TinySuperheroes into something that is sustainable - something that will continue empowering kids for decades to come.

One of these decisions is to add a shipping cost to Mission Kits. The Mission is still free - the activity and opportunity to unlock superpowers with your Squad costs nothing at all - but we are now charging shipping on the Mission Kit in order to make this program sustainable. 

Our hope for this coming year is that thousands of more TinySuperheroes will join our Monthly Missions, and this is a step we need to take in order to make it possible.

We know the past few years have been hard on everyone, and it is unfortunate that growing prices seem to affect us all at every angle. We want you to know that we care and take careful consideration of decisions we make, and we appreciate your understanding with this change.

There will be a $1.38 shipping charge for 1 Mission Kit for US customers. We have now made it possible to submit and claim up to 3 Mission Kits at one time for multiple kids!

If convenience is a priority to you, I encourage you to check out our Mission Autopilot Program. This is $7 per month and eliminates the need for you to submit any Mission on time. We will automatically ship your Mission Kit to you at the beginning of each month, and your TinySuperhero can complete the Mission whenever is best for them! Sign up and/or learn more here.

Now...time to Recycle! Begin the Recycle Mission!


Sending love as always!

Robyn & TSH Crew

PS: Enjoy 75% off ALL Past Missions for the entire month of October!

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