Frequently Asked Questions

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Angel Program

The Angel Program was created to honor the TinySuperheroes who have passed away and to support their family.

Birthday Program

When you launch your Birthday Campaign, we will create a special Birthday Campaign for your TinySuperhero (or you)! You can share your campaign with your community to raise funds. Every $10 your campaign raises funds a Mission for a TinySuperhero, and we have lots of gear for you to earn along the way! 

The Birthday Program is our primary source of funding for our Mission Program. Each month, thousands of families participate in our Monthly Missions to unlock a superpower and earn a Patch for their Cape. This program is free for all families. 90% of families who participate in the Missions Program have seen an increase in their child's confidence, and 95% say it creates a unique bonding experience with their child. By sharing your own Birthday Campaign, you make it possible for us to keep the Mission Program free for all families.
When you launch a Birthday Campaign, you have the opportunity to reach these goals:
2023 Birthday Goal Rewards

The Gift Cards are for Patches and Missions only. You must use the full gift card amount in ONE transaction. There will not be a remaining balance. For example, if you would like to use your $50 Gift Card, you must use the full $50 amount in one order on our shop. If you use only $30, there will not be a remaning balance of $20.

You can launch your Birthday Campaign anytime you want! You will receive a link to your campaign after you launch it and you can share anytime. If your birthday is several months out, you can still launch it and we'll send you a reminder with your link much closer to your birthday! Remember, you can launch a campaign for every member of your family!

Anyone can participate and launch their Birthday Campaign - TinySuperheroes, Sidekicks and even grown-ups!

Fill out this simple form here . We'll create a Birthday Campaign for you to share with your family and friends on Facebook, or anywhere else you'd like!

TinySuperheroes implemented shipping fees on all orders due to increased costs. This helps us sustain our commitment to offer free merchandise through the Cape Program, Birthday program, and Mission Program. 

The Birthday Program is a "pay-it-forward" model helping to fund and support our monthly missions and exciting rewards, while celebrating and empowering all squad members to discover their super powers of Courage, Strength and Hope!

Brand Ambassadors

Anyone who is interested in supporting and advocating for our TinySuperheroes Squad is welcome to participate. 

If you have earned any gift card credit from us, you have until 29th July 2022 to withdraw them otherwise they will expire. So, make sure to use them up! 

Cape Program

All Extraordinary kids are eligible for a nomination. The Squad welcomes kids of all ages, is diagnosis-agnostic, and celebrates the diversity of its members. This includes siblings and other close supporters, who we call Sidekicks. You can nominate them here 

It’s free to nominate a child for a Cape. Once you’ve launched your Cape Campaign and met the $50 benchmark, your Super will receive a Cape. If the Campaign doesn’t reach $50, don’t worry! Your Super will be added to the waitlist, or you can purchase a Cape directly from our shop here:

Beginning August 1, 2022 shipping charges will apply on all Cape shipments.

When a child is nominated, we create their Cape Campaign, which is a personalized crowd-funding tool. TinySuperheroes is based on a pay-it-forward model—raising $50 funds your own Cape, and any additional money raised helps provide Capes to kids on the waitlist. (Every $50 raised sponsors a Cape!) There is absolutely no obligation to fund, but through the generosity of others, we’re able to provide Capes to every Extraordinary child.

Every single child nominated will get a Cape, no matter what! If you don’t reach this goal, you will be put on our waitlist, which means you’ll have to wait a little bit longer to receive your Cape.

Our biggest ask is that you share our message. We are incredibly grateful whether you raise $10, $500, or just share it to your Facebook page. Everyone experiences different financial circumstances, and we totally understand that. We’re here to change the way the world sees disability and illness, and doing whatever you can to help make that happen means the world to us.

If you're viewing your TinySuperhero's Cape Campaign on a phone, the small screen size places the text on top of the photo. You can view it on a computer or larger screen to change this.

TinySuperheroes implemented shipping fees on all orders due to increased costs. This helps us sustain our commitment to offer free merchandise through the Cape Program, Birthday program, and Mission Program. 

Every child who is nominated gets a code to redeem a cape two weeks after their nomination. 70% of nominated kids do not raise any money, but we never want money to be a reason why kids don't get capes. Every $50 raised sponsors a cape. In your campaign, the first $50 sponsors your cape, and subsequent funds go toward sponsoring non-funded campigns. The $50 is not just for the Cape alone. With the cape, we offer a community, an online support group and a monthly activity program where every child can earn a free Patch each month!

Claim Cape

The beginning of your Claim Code will indicate it's value.

Prefex "PZ-": This code is received when a Campaign reaches the $150 goal. This code is worth $73 and will cover the Cape, Official Member Patch and 1 Letter for personalization.

You should have received a claim code if you met any of the following:

  1. Your Cape Campaign reached $50 goal (you should have received a code beginning in "F-"
  2. Your Cape Campaign reached the $150 goal (you should have received a code beginning in "PZ-")
  3. Your Cape Campaign did not reach these goals, but you submitted a nomination over 14 days ago (you should have received a code beginning in "NF-")

If you should have received a claim code but did not, we are so sorry - please send us an email at so we can remedy this right away!


Hi! We are so excited about the update to our site, but apologize for the inconvenience! We would love to help you regain access through your account!

First, check your email. You can search your inbox for the word “Activate”. It will have come from and will look like this.

When you tap the blue Activate your account button, it will simply have you reset your password and you should be good to go.

If you cannot find this email, let us know and we can send it to you again.

TinySuperheroes Return Policy

The satisfaction of our TinySuperheroes community is very important to us. Therefore, we are here to help if you are looking to return or exchange an item. We offer returns and exchanges within 30 days of the delivery date. You can return your product for store credit, a different product, or a refund to the original payment method.

Items must be returned in their original condition unless defective. We reserve the right to deny any return if the item does not meet our requirements.

Products purchased at a discount, on-sale or with a discount code are final.   

We no longer offer free shipping on merged orders. That was a special offer we had when we experienced delays in orders being shipped from our TSH HQ. At this time, we are confident in our TinyShippingTeam getting most non-personalized orders shipped within 2 business days.

Machine Wash - Tumble Dry Low

Mission Program

All kids are welcome to participate! If there are 3 kids in your family, all 3 can earn a Patch. You just need to complete a submission for each participant individually to ensure they receive their Patch. TinySuperheroes can participate from anywhere in the world!

No Cape is needed to participate in the program, but if your child has not been nominated for their official Cape, you can do so here:

Each month's mission codes are valid during that month's mission and (approximately) 15 days into the next month.  So don't wait too long, on order to redeem it for your free patch.

Contact our TSH team at for assistance. We are happy to help!

Unfortunately, each claim code needs to be on its own order to be recognized/redeemed and receive the patch for free . However, as long as the shipping address is the same, the order will be automatically merged in our TSH Shop.

We heard from several parents that their kids love participating in the Monthly Missions, but sometimes they miss a month or forget to submit their Mission.

This is a solution to that problem.

The Mission Program remains as it always has, and during each month you have the opportunity to claim that Mission Kit for free.

However, the Autopilot Program allows you to pay $7/month, and we will automatically mail the Mission Kit to you each month.  There is also an annual option. You can pay one time for the entire year, and receive the Mission Kit in your mail each month automatically.

You can read more or sign up at

1 Mission Kit per month = $7 per month

2 Mission Kits per month = $12 per month

3 Mission Kits per month = $18 per month

4 Mission Kits per month = $24 per month

5 Mission Kits per month = $30 per month

6 Mission Kits per month = $36 per month

7 Mission Kits per month = $42 per month

8 Mission Kits per month = $48 per month

9 Mission Kits per month = $54 per month

10 Mission Kits per month = $60 per month

Yes. TinySuperheroes charges a small amount for shipping on monthly missions to help us sustain our commitment to offer free merchandise through the Mission Program.

Read more in Robyn's blog about this change here. 


*We are in the process of switching to self-adhesive patches. Patches that come with a white pull-off backing can be applied without the need for an iron. Many of the patches in our inventory currently still require an iron.*

The patches that are still iron-on can be applied by following these steps. You will need:

  • An Iron
  • A plain T-shirt or thin cloth
  • Your cape
  • Your patch

Step-by-step instructions to apply your patch to your TSH's Cape:
1.) Set the iron to the WARM/ Cotton setting (if it is too hot it may damage the cape, and too cool it will not adhere.) Think of Goldilocks.
2.) Place the cape on a flat & hard surface like an ironing board or counter top.
3.) Place the PATCH where you want it to adhere to the cape.
4.) Place the plain T-shirt or thin cloth on top of the patch.
5.) Press the WARM iron on top of the plain t-shirt or thin cloth and HOLD for 20 seconds.
6.) Flip the cape to the opposite side.
7.) Place the plain t-shirt or thin cloth over the location of the patch.
8.) Press the WARM iron on top of the plain t-shirt or thin cloth and HOLD for 20 seconds.You may repeat the cloth then heat pattern until the patch is secure on the cape.

Do you prefer an Iron On Patch video tutorial? Our
seamstress has you covered here.

You also have the options to sew or use fabric glue to adhere the patches to your cape.

To help our TinyCrew keep track of all the awesome ideas for patch designs, we have created a form where you can submit your patch ideas. Share your design ideas or wishes here: