August 2023

Patience Mission

Practice our superpower of Patience by making it fun to be patient!

Being patient is hard! Join your TinySuperheroes Squad to practice this important superpower in a way that you can repeat again and again!

Grown-ups:  You have full permission to adapt any Mission in any way for the activity to be fun for your TinySuperhero! Use the steps below if they are helpful, and do it differently if they are not! Simply spending intentional time with your TinySuperhero is beneficial to their growing superpowers!


Patience Mission Instructions

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Watch this video to have Super Milo walk you through the Patience Mission!


The Patience Patch & Mission Kit were free in August 2023.  They are now available in the Shop!

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Patience Mission Gallery

There are over 50 TinySuperheroes Missions in our library!  Check them out and practice more superpowers!

Past Mission Library

Patience Paper Chain Patch (Patience Mission - August '23)

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Mission Program FAQ

Who can participate in the Mission Program?

All kids are welcome to participate! If there are 3 kids in your family, all 3 can earn a Patch. You just need to complete a submission for each participant individually to ensure they receive their Patch. Only the current month's Mission is free.  After the month expires, the Patch will be available in the shop! TinySuperheroes can participate from anywhere in the world!

No Cape is needed to participate in the program, but if your child has not been nominated for their official Cape, you can do so here:

How long do I have to redeem my Mission Kit?

Each month's Mission's claim codes are valid during that month's mission and for 45 days after. (Shipping charges will apply.)

My code is not working or I need help claiming my Mission Kit!

Contact our TSH team at for assistance. We are happy to help!

How many Missions can I submit at one time?

You can submit up to 8 Missions in one submission.  You will receive a code that will will cover the cost of the number of participants you submitted.  You will want to add all of them to your cart before you checkout with the code.

Why do I have to pay for shipping?

TinySuperheroes charges a small amount for shipping & handling on monthly missions to help us sustain our commitment to offer free merchandise through the Mission Program.

Read more in Robyn's blog about this change here. 

What is the Autopilot Program?

We heard from several parents that their kids love participating in the Monthly Missions, but sometimes they miss a month or forget to submit their Mission.


The Autopilot is a solution to that problem.  The Mission Program remains as it always has, and during each month you have the opportunity to claim that Mission Kit for free (shipping charges will apply).


However, the Autopilot Program allows you to pay $7/month, and we will automatically mail the Mission Kit to you each month.  There is also an annual option. You can pay one time for the entire year, and receive the Mission Kit in your mail each month automatically.  You can read more or sign up at

How much does the Autopilot Program cost?

1 Mission Kit per month = $7 per month

2 Mission Kits per month = $12 per month

3 Mission Kits per month = $18 per month

4 Mission Kits per month = $24 per month

5 Mission Kits per month = $30 per month

6 Mission Kits per month = $36 per month

7 Mission Kits per month = $42 per month

8 Mission Kits per month = $48 per month

9 Mission Kits per month = $54 per month

10 Mission Kits per month = $60 per month