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How it works

  • 1. Each month a new Mission is available for you to launch! Every Mission focuses on a different superpower such as courage, strength, or hope.

  • 2. You'll follow instructions for the activity in order to complete the Mission! (Everyone can participate!)

  • 3. When you're finished, you will submit your completed Mission from the Mission landing page.

  • 4. We'll send you a promo code to redeem your free Patch & Mission Kit in our Shop! Shipping and Handling applies.

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  • Generosity Mission: December 2023

    Practice Generosity by giving to others in need!

    Go to Generosity Mission 
  • Gratitude Mission: November 2023

    Practice Gratitude by sending letters to people we are grateful for!

    Go to Gratitude Mission 
  • Recycle Mission: October 2023

    Practice your superpower of Recycling making new things from old crayons!

    Go to Recycle Mission 
  • Creativity Mission: September 2023

    Practice our superpower of Creativity by having fun with art!

    Go to Creativity Mission 
  • Patience Mission: August 2023

    Practice your Patience superpower in a way that makes it fun to be patient!

    Go to Patience Mission 
  • Play Mission: July 2023

    Learn how dolphins play, and then, play like a dolphin!

    Go to Play Mission 
  • Kindness Mission: June 2023

    Paint & hide Kindness Rocks to spread kindness around your community!

    Kindness Mission 
  • Empathy Mission: May 2023

    Grow your Feelings Garden to unlock your superpower of Empathy!

    Empathy Mission 
  • Growth Mindset: April 2023

    Unlock your Growth Mindset to discover the Magical Yet!

    Growth Mindset Mission 
  • Hope Mission: March 2023

    Lighthouses remind us that there are lights to guide us! Build your own lighthouse and join us to practice your superpower of Hope!

    Go to Hope Mission 
  • Love Mission: February 2023

    Create and mail hugs to people you love to practice your superpower of Love!

    Go to Love Mission 
  • Inclusion Mission: January 2023

    Practice your superpower of inclusion by making 'Just Say Hi!' a habit in your life!

    Go to Inclusion Mission 

Our Squad Members have reported the following after doing the Mission Program:


  • "I have 4 beautiful children and my youngest two just received their super capes. My oldest is autistic and my youngest was a tiny NICU Graduate. Your program has really gave all my babies something to do TOGETHER. Thank you so much for allowing ALL of my children to share in it! β€œ

  • β€œSuper Kylie loved that she felt well enough to do the poses for this month's mission. Tiny Superheroes makes her feel strong!” -Wendy T

  • "My TinySuperhero earned lots more patches to add to his cape! I finally got them all ironed on and Super Rowan is loving it. He wanted to wear it backwards so he could see πŸ˜‚ "

  • "I may be terrible at remembering to iron on her patches but, this TinySuperhero loves her cape anyway! She is constantly asking to wear it and it is the absolute cutest thing ever." -Kristen S

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